At the end of any exit event, all that matters is RESULTS.  But there’s a cause and effect relationship.  We’ve been told that the #1 quality that sets us head and shoulders above the traditional M&A crowd, enabling us to deliver superlative results client after client, is our laser-like focus on

Client - Centricity

What does Client-Centric M&A look like?  First, it permeates every decision from start to finish.

As to the start…

  • When we offer you a Complimentary Advisory Service, we don’t ask you to come to us - we come to you.
  • When we come to you, we don’t send just anyone - we send a man who has been helping owners through growth and ownership transitions for close to 40 years, our President, a business owner himself who experientially understands the challenges every owner faces.
  • When our President comes to you, he won’t be coming to sell, he’ll be coming to serve - with no cost or obligation to you, and with as much valuable information as we can deliver in an initial 60-90 minute appointment:
    • At the end of that personalized service, you’ll have an accurate idea of the market-driven valuation of your business, based on the list we’ll bring of ~100-300 parties actively interested in a business like yours (a list not just of names, but deals they’ve recently completed).
    • We’ll leave with you a 3rd Party Research Report that thoroughly covers current and future trends within your industry, giving you insight for decision-making and for sharing with your management team.

As to our Transition Services that carry you to the finish…

  • We connect our clients with buyers and investors around the world, but we only represent business owners along the West Coast (CA, OR, WA, ID, BC).  We maintain offices from San Diego to Seattle, so when you engage our services, we can be as hands-on, face-to-face as often and quickly as needed.  It’s a Local Touch, with an International Reach.
  • We’ve assembled an “all-star” team of best-of-class advisors, taking a Holistic 5-Discipline Team Approach.  One client commented “You have, what has to be, the “Dream Team” for business owners wanting to transition.”  By maintaining a focus on a limited geographical area, but pulling together the best of the best in each discipline, we’re able to give you a personalized, boutique-like delivery, but with large firm resources.
  • We guide our clients with a sensitivity to timing, but we know the value of patience and preparation - so we won’t put your transition “on-the-clock” like some M&A firms do (a hallmark of transaction-centric, churn-and-burn M&A).  We have a proven process, but we tailor every single detail of an engagement to the attaining of your personal and corporate objectives.  For us, it’s not just business, it’s personal.
  • YOUR financial well-being, not ours, is top-prioritized in every aspect of the BTSI model.  As far as we’re concerned, what’s best for our client is best for us.  If that means less revenue for us, so be it.  So with each of our clients, we strive for a Net-cost of $0 for our Transition Services.  That’s at the heart of our Client-Centricity - the Golden Rule.
  • We never counsel a client to buy any commission-based product (like insurance as an estate planning tool).  As a matter of fact, we’ve been told by consultants that other M&A firms won’t follow our lead on this point because there’s no money in it for them.  Put simply, we refuse to grow our revenue stream at the expense of your family’s financial legacy.  We’d rather provide you with non-commissioned wealth management and tax mitigation tools that maximize how much you and your family get to keep when the transaction has long concluded.  After all, if you don’t get the tax piece right, you’ll be paying for it for years.  Client-centricity isn’t just in the present - it’s knowing what lies beyond the horizon, and preparing for it wisely.  From start to finish.

If you’d like to experience our difference-making Client-Centric approach:

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