Intensely Client-Centric… from Start to Finish

As a Mergers & Acquisitions intermediary for middle market companies, BTSI is intensely Client-Centric from start to finish, with a laser-like focus on achieving each client’s personal and corporate goals.

We don’t measure our success by the number of transactions we complete as an M&A firm. We measure success by the only numbers that truly count - the numbers that matter most to our clients:

  • the % of growth in Enterprise Value we produce for a client before we ever take them to market
  • the number of motivated investors we engage simultaneously within the investment community - which leads to the most competitive bidding environment possible - which leads to maximizing your proceeds from the best-fit buyer - which leads to the financial legacy you’re able to leave for loved ones.
  • the number of non-financial goals the ownership group can check off as accomplished at the conclusion of a transaction
  • and ultimately, the number of generations in an owner’s family that we can effect when we maximize how much they get - and get to keep - AFTER the conclusion of the transaction.


“Never reject the opportunity to take the first step. The first step is the key to obtaining the experience you have longed for.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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You deserve Honest Answers to Infrequently Asked Questions.

Why would I want to hire an M&A firm, when I’ve got a talented and trusted circle of advisors who can do the job without costing me M&A fees that will erode my proceeds?

For the same reason you wouldn’t want to hire a Divorce attorney to handle an Intellectual Property dispute. Your existing legal and accounting counselors are incredibly valuable in helping you make decisions in running your business as profitably as possible.

But exiting a business as profitably as possible requires an entirely different knowledge-base than running a business. BTSI will work hand-in-hand with your existing advisors - but with hundreds of cumulative years of M&A experience, our team knows every nuance in the complex process, and how to avoid each potential pothole in the road ahead.

A point in fact - we and our strategic partners recently completed a 5-year study that documents how 97% of business owners unknowingly made 2 specific mis-steps in ownership transitions, costing them between $6mm and $27mm (depending on their EBITDA). Nobody should be left to “roll the dice” on being in the 3%, so we’d be happy to show you those 2 mis-steps and exactly how to avoid the losses.

As for any erosion of proceeds, that may be the case with traditional M&A models, but not ours. Let us show you how virtually every BTSI client enjoys a Net-Cost of $0 for our services

How can BTSI guarantee to grow my Enterprise Value at least 30% on the front-end of a transition?

We don’t guarantee it. Nobody can guarantee exceptional results like that every time. And if someone makes such a promise, walk away, quickly. What we can say is this: historically, we have consistently grown client Enterprise Value between 30-100%.

But since we’ve grown weary of hearing “That sounds too good to be true” - we often throttle it back to saying “at least 30%” - and it IS true. Our track record backs it up, and our Strategic Partners at BNY Mellon and Ed Ahrens can attest to it. The more important question to ask is “HOW do we do?”. If we can have 60-90 minutes of your time, we’ll show you HOW…


…And if you’d rather get a peek at the HOW from a fellow business owner’s perspective, watch this video done by the founder of the largest business networking organization in the world, and a BTSI client.”


Why would I ever want to use an M&A firm that has no National Awards?

Simple - because National Awards are generally based on quantity of transactions, not quality. Higher quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to lower quality, but ask yourself:

If you were preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime event, wanting to make a good impression on those present, would you prefer to buy a garment off the rack at the volume leader, or would you rather get a tailored garment, perfectly fitted to your every personal preference and your exact dimensions from top to bottom?

Now ask yourself a 2nd question:

Which would you opt for if the tailored garment cost less than the one offered by the volume leader?

BTSI has been likened to a team of world-class tailors - each Advisor being senior in experience and expertise, each committed to impeccable attention to detail in their particular discipline, and all working together as a unified team in pursuing each client’s personal and corporate goals. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and our Holistic 5-Discipline Team Approach delivers the highest quality results, client after client.

Incidentally, one reason we’ll never win national awards is because we don’t have offices nationwide. We have intentionally limited our office locations to up and down the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle. We choose to serve only companies in CA, OR, WA, and ID. And yet, we’ll bring buyers and investors from around the world to your doorstep, with our access to over 4,500 PEG’s and tens of thousands of global strategic buyers. Remaining “local” to our clients allows our team to be as present as possible, giving personalized attention and rigorous professional service through every stage of the engagement. That’s part of our Client-centricity, and it’s woven into the fabric of our corporate DNA.

Why is the multiple you are telling us to expect from the investment community different than the multiple we’re being given by another M&A firm?

BTSI is unequivocally in one accord with an owner’s desire to get the maximum amount for their business. And naturally, a higher multiple is desirable, since it equates to a higher valuation. But nobody is well-served by inflated expectations (or deflated, for that matter). Ultimately, the market is what determines the value of your business, and the best measuring stick for what to expect is what similar companies are currently selling for in the real world, not the world of wishes.

That’s why we bring with us to every Complimentary Advisory Service a report that reflects current, market-driven valuations for companies like yours, in your industry - so that expectations are rooted in reality. At a sizable expense, we’re on contract with the 3 most trustworthy reporting agencies in the business, who track every knowable transaction of middle-market privately-held companies - so with that report, you’ll have peace of mind based on solid, real-time data.

Unfortunately, there are times when we’ve heard from discouraged owners who were given what we know from the market to have been an overly enthusiastic multiple, only to have the M&A firm they were working with perform what is called a “cram-down” (as implied, the multiple is reduced from the initial, irresistibly attractive #, to what the market was saying all along). That’s a disservice to any owner. At BTSI, once we have established the accurate, market-driven expectations, then our team of Analysts and Advisors proceed to grow your Enterprise Value through hard and wise work - formulating a well-articulated Strategic Growth Plan that is fully defensible to any potential buyer. That is how we maximize your multiple - through strategically planned performance and fact-based perception.”

“If you have other frank and Infrequently Asked Questions, unique to your personal situation, concerning…
  • the valuation of your business,
  • the timing of a “hold-off or sell” decision
  • current market conditions and investor interest in your industry,
  • how to best prepare for a transition, professionally and personally
  • the pros and cons of a partial exit vs a full exit vs a succession plan
  • the in’s and out’s and insider-insights concerning the entire M&A process, or any other vital issue you’ve wondered about…

…then you’re one step away from an honest answer from a professionally reliable source. Call us, email us - or take advantage of our Complimentary Advisory Service, where our President, as a fellow business-owner, will come to your facility, sit down with you personally, and address your concerns.

Schedule your 100% Confidential No-cost, No-obligation COMPLIMENTARY ADVISORY SERVICE Where we don’t ask you to come to us - We come to you!