Our model of M&A is intentionally non-traditional, since it garners extraordinary results that far surpass those of traditional M&A firms. We also tend to be non-traditional when it comes to the marketing strategies we employ. For instance, we don’t solicit clients to make videos or statements so we can use them in the marketing of our services. That said, when a client takes it upon themselves to make a testimonial video or statement, we’re certainly appreciative. Below are two selective examples. The first is by a client who underwent a 2-event exit....the second is by a client who recently engaged BTSI for a 1-event exit in the midst of 2021 pandemic market conditions.

Transition Involving 2-Events

Dr. Ivan Misner started BNI in 1984, and grew it to become the largest business networking organization in the world.

This video by Dr. Misner is intentionally not a professionally prepared and polished video production. It’s given by a highly regarded businessman, sitting in his home office, providing vital details from an owner’s unique perspective after undergoing a complex transition. It’s truthful, enlightening, and educative - through the lens of an owner successfully transitioning to a new stage in his personal and professional life.

In a close and synergistic working relationship with Dr. Misner and his management team, BTSI was able to:

  • Double his initial Enterprise Value through a well-articulated, fully defensible Strategic Growth Plan
  • Approach tens of thousands of investors globally, to find a dozen “good fit” parties ready to competitively bid.
  • Effectively negotiate with the “best fit” buyer, to achieve all of Dr. Misner’s personal and corporate goals, financial and otherwise.
  • Dr. Misner still retains partial ownership, and still works for the company in a leadership role, doing only those things he absolutely loves doing and none of what he doesn’t.

You have, what has to be, the “Dream Team” for business owners wanting to transition… You are doing work that makes the life’s work of an entrepreneur meaningful in a very tangible way and I am grateful to your team. BTSI absolutely delivered all that was promised and more.

Dr. Ivan Misner (after his initial transition - his 1st “bite of the apple”)

Linn, it’s been 4 ½ years and we just had the second bite. So far, I’ve made 232% more than what I thought my company was worth when I started working with you. I still own part of the company but the really great thing is that I’m still working with the company doing only the things I absolutely love doing! Life is AMAZING. You and your team really helped me change my life and my future. I appreciate you so much.

Dr. Ivan Misner (after his 2nd planned event - his “2nd bite”)

1-Event Transition - Under Adverse Pandemic Condition

My wife and I were ready to not only retire but to sell our business. We had weathered the recession, tariffs, Covid and shipping dilemmas, after forty seven years it was time. Who would buy our manufacturing business? How would we conduct a sale? We had no training in business transition. We compared business brokers and what they could offer an in-between size firm like ourselves with thirty five employees. Business Transition Services Incorporated was the clear choice. Our primary contact for the duration was Bill Beard, a well qualified member of Linn Crader's Team. Bill, explained and set out expectations that we could understand. Bill had the ability to pull in resource expertise whenever it was needed for creating an executive summary that would circulate to qualified interested buyers BTSI had compiled. Several suitors looked at our business and a very qualified buyer was chosen. Bill took us through the process to the finish line. This was far more than getting signatures on a document. Our employees are in good hands, our preserved one hundred forty year old tree grove is protected, our legacy of honest dealing is still intact and most of all young people are at the controls now that are competent and will grow from this root stock. It was a significant win for all, thank you goes to all that helped at BTSI.

Ted Powell Former owner of AM Equipment Controlled Motion Solutions

If the lifestyle and legacy from either a 1 or a 2-event transition fits with what you’d like your future to look like, schedule your COMPLIMENTARY ADVISORY SERVICE


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