Dr. Ivan Misner started BNI in 1984, and grew it to become the largest business networking organization in the world.

This video by Dr. Misner is intentionally not a professionally prepared and polished video production. It’s given by a highly regarded businessman, sitting in his home office, providing vital details from an owner’s unique perspective after undergoing a complex transition. It’s truthful, enlightening, and educative - through the lens of an owner successfully transitioning to a new stage in his personal and professional life.

Dr. Misner’s concluding exhortation

“This is important - you tell BTSI what your needs and desires are, and they’ll work with you….to help you get what you’re looking for in the business….it may be to sell the company…or it may be to bring in partners to your company…..so you can do the things you love….to work in your flame.  Whether you want to retire, or work in your flame, BTSI will help you achieve that goal…..they helped me find the perfect partner to allow me to live the life I’ve worked so hard to create.”

In a close and synergistic working relationship with Dr. Misner and his management team, BTSI was able to:

  • Double his initial Enterprise Value through a well-articulated, fully defensible Strategic Growth Plan
  • Approach tens of thousands of investors globally, to find a dozen “good fit” parties ready to competitively bid.
  • Effectively negotiate with the “best fit” buyer, to achieve all of Dr. Misner’s personal and corporate goals, financial and otherwise.
  • Dr. Misner still retains partial ownership, and still works for the company in a leadership role, doing only those things he absolutely loves doing and none of what he doesn’t.

If this is a lifestyle and legacy that fits with what you’d like your future to look like, schedule your COMPLIMENTARY ADVISORY SERVICE


A select sampling of transactions our best-of-class team has facilitated…

Pacific Benefits
Bombard Electric
Indo-European Foods, Inc.
Captek Softgel International
Fulfillment Corp. of America
BNI Enterprises
Silver Spur Corporation
Oldham Associates, LLC
Harvest Farms, Inc.
Applied Utility Systems, Inc.
Coos Bay Lumber
Rx Direct, Inc.
Planned Marketing Solution Int’l
Precision Machine & Manufacturing
J. Lieb Foods, Inc.
Epic Freight Solutions, LLC
AM Equipment