In delivering on our promise of Client-centricity from start to finish, we’ll not ask that you come to a location we have chosen - we’ll come to the West Coast location of your choice - at your facility, your home office, or any place that meets your need for confidentiality and comfort.


We won’t be sending a “Senior Sales Rep” or “Business Development Manager”.  You or your ownership group will have a 100% confidential appointment with our Founding President, Mr. Linn Crader, who’s been assisting owners through growth and ownership transitions for over 40 years.  He’ll provide substantive information that will help you with what is likely to be the most impactful financial decision you’ll make for the rest of your life.


In 1981, Mr. Crader started with a passion to help business owners navigate the complex process of transitioning from equity to liquidity - and his passion has only grown through the years.  He considers it a privilege to sit with an owner who has poured their blood, sweat and tears into building a business - and an honor to help them enjoy the maximal fruit of their labors.  With experience across virtually every industry, through 4 decades of ups and downs in markets and economies, he’s a wealth of wisdom that can’t be captured in an MBA curriculum and a handful of years on the job.  As a vital part of the Service, he’ll close out by addressing any question you might have on how to most profitably transition, whether a full or partial exit, or a generational succession plan.


When Mr. Crader arrives at your facility to provide the Advisory Service, he’ll bring with him the following items of immediate value...

Linn A. Crader President

Advising owners like you for over 40 years.

If you would like to schedule a 100% confidential Complimentary Advisory Service with our President, please complete the secure form or call 503-697-8312

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    COMPLETE LIST OF INVESTORS (normally 100-300) who are actively interested in buying a company like yours.  The list includes both financial and strategic buyers – and not just names of interested parties, but the deals they’ve recently completed.  The list renders insight into how the global investment community views and values your business, with real-time accuracy.  If you were wanting a realistic idea of what your business is worth, this assessment will help you avoid inflated or deflated valuations due to wishful thinking or bad counsel.

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    A 3rd party RESEARCH REPORT, showing detailed current and future trends in your industry.  Being M&A experts, we’re on contract with 3 reporting agencies at a sizable cost, to have blanket coverage for all industries.  It would cost an owner upwards of $5,000 to get similar information, one time for one industry.  This report is yours to keep, compliments of BTSI.

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    Details on HOW we have historically grown our clients’ Enterprise Value between 30-100%.

    Details on HOW we have historically increased the owner’s Personal Wealth up to 500% as the end result of an ownership transition.

    Contact information for our STRATEGIC PARTNERS (BNY Mellon and  Ed Ahrens), who can verify our historical track-record as stated above.

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    VALUATION IMPACT COMPARISON between a Trailing 12-Month method of valuation (used by traditional M&A firms), versus how BTSI positions a client to sell based on a Strategic 5-Year Growth Plan.  Our methodology often yields an over-all Net-Cost of $0 for our Transition Services

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    FINANCIAL LEGACY COMPARISON between our Dynastic Tax Mitigation Plan, versus either an existing tax structure or the typical M&A solution of a commission-based product.

    When scheduling your Complimentary Service, please give us at least a 2 week lead-time, to allow our staff sufficient time to prepare the reports that will be centered on your unique business, within your industry.

    In the end, the greatest victory we can know is the result of all our hard work, discipline, and dedication: the Realization of our Dreams

    Cheryl Burke