A Note From Our President

Linn A. Crader

Linn A. Crader

We encourage you to talk with others in the M&A business, then to BTSI. We want you to understand how our approach can make a difference for you. When you're ready, give me a call.
I founded Business Transition Services, Inc. to help business owners achieve their goals. BTSI is a highly respected M&A firm working primarily with midmarket companies in the Western States.

As the owner of a successful company, you may be preparing to exit your firm and reap the rewards of decades of hard work. Conversely, you may be pursuing growth opportunities and need an influx of cash to propel your business to the next level.

Either way, we can help you acquire the resources you need to reach your goals. We consistently achieve maximum value for clients -- often achieving a 30 percent or higher premium over the numbers industry analysts quote.

Several key attributes contribute to our success and give us an edge over larger M&A firms and investment banks: our customized service, experience, M&A expertise, and long-term commitment to reaching your goals.

Customized service. We're small: By choice, we accept only six to nine engagements each year. Then we give you personalized attention as part of a tailored approach to reaching your goals.

At the front end, we analyze your business to build value before we market it. We help you formulate a strategic plan that highlights your firm's potential to buyers acquiring all or part of it.

Then we market your firm and help you choose the buyer who best fits your needs. Price is always important but may not be your key consideration.

At the back end, we serve as a liaison to tax mitigation and wealth preservation experts who can help you keep more of the proceeds from a transaction.

Experience. I personally lead the team that works on your transaction. Rounding out the team are three seasoned professionals -- an M&A advisor, a business analyst, and a financial analyst. Unlike the junior personnel who train on M&A transactions in large companies, BTSI's advisors all have extensive business backgrounds. Before joining BTSI, they worked as business owners, accountants, bankers, and senior executives of regional and national companies. They understand the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

M&A expertise. We're experts in M&A, not in a specific industry. But we've worked in dozens of industries, enough to know that if you believe the buzz on your company's worth, you'll leave money on the negotiating table. Our process and ability to think outside the box has proven exceptionally effective -- it's what enables our clients to receive higher values for their companies than industry experts think possible.

Long-term commitment. We work with you over the long haul. Taking the time to develop a growth or exit strategy that achieves your goals and then to position your company to sell for the maximum value may require several years. We'll guide you every step of the way, understanding that success results from a clear vision and a firm commitment to realizing it.

We want you to understand how our approach can make a difference for you.


PS – If you want to learn more about how we add value to the M&A process, take a look at our Services.